Harriet Bentley
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation(s): Head Girl
Family & Friends
Family: Mr Bentley (Father)
Relationships: Freddie Kingsley (unrequited crush)
Friends: Charlotte (formerly)
Jane (formerly)
Enemies: Poppy Moore
Series Information
Portrayer: Georgia King

Harriet Bentley is head girl at Abbey Mount boarding school, and is the main antagonist of the story. She is portrayed by Georgia King.


Harriet is the head girl of Abbey Mount. She is obsessed with rules, and is manipulative, evil and cruel among others. She has an obsessive crush on Freddie and she wants to destroy Poppy, to the point of leaving her friendless, and frame her for a school fire. But in the end, she pays for her actions by being expelled.