Abbey Mount is an elite all-girls boarding school in England, with the current headmistress of the school being a woman named Mrs. Kingsley.

After Poppy Moore plays a mean-spirited prank on her dad's girlfriend at the beginning of the movie, Gerry (Poppy's dad) punishes her by having her shipped off to Abbey Mount. At first, Poppy has a hard time fitting in with the other students and (near the climax of the movie) almost ends up getting expelled, but after she learns to be kinder and friendlier to others, she makes lots of new friends and even gets a new boyfriend in the form of Mrs. Kingsley's son, Frederick (more commonly called "Freddie"), who many of the girls at Abbey Mount have a crush on.

Near the climax of the film (before she almost gets expelled from the school), Poppy discovers that her mother (who died in a car accident several years before the start of the film) had attended Abbey Mount back in the 1970s, which she had never known before.

In the end, Poppy doesn't get expelled and chooses remain enrolled at Abbey Mount (and maintains her relationship with Freddie)--but she goes back home to California during summer vacation and other holiday breaks from school.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While there is no actual school called "Abbey Mount," the movie was filmed at an actual all-girls school in England called "Cobham Hall" (located in Cobham, Kent, England).
    • The town of Cobham is about thirty miles (roughly 48.3-kilometers) away from London.
    • Even though Cobham Hall is technically in Southern England, Abbey Mount is implied to be somewhere in Northern England (judging from the accents of many of the girls who're enrolled at the school).
  • While Abbey Mount does accept international students (meaning that they accept girls from outside of England and the United Kingdom), it's unknown if Poppy's mother was an American like her daughter was, or if she was originally from England (or somewhere else in the United Kingdom).
  • While Cobham Hall functions both as a day school and boarding school, it's unknown if Abbey Mount also functions as a day school in addition to being a boarding school.
    • Many real-life boarding schools also function as day schools, though to be a true "boarding school," a majority of the students have to live on-campus when school's in session.
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